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Anchal Vohra Middle East Correspondent Northwestern University Qatar Speaking Assignment Moderator, Reporter, Writer, Journalist, Analyst
Anchal Vohra Northwestern University Qatar Speaking Assignment Moderator

As Seen Onscreen: The Arab World

Journalism is often referred to as the ‘first draft of history’. In this discussion, moderated by journalist Anchal Vohra, we ask journalists and filmmakers Tilo Gummel, Raed Andoni and Zeva Oelbaum, what is the first draft of the Arab world’s history?

Even in the 21st century misleading and sometimes false imagery of the Arab world travels globally. 

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Civil BRICS Forum

In 2015, Ms Vohra was invited to speak at the Civil BRICS Forum on “Peace and Security” in Moscow.

BRICS: Construction of a multi polar world, ‘Peace and Security’