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Foreign Policy: Iraq’s Shiite Militias Are Just Getting Started


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Turkey-Russia deal

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Can Benjamin Netanyahu survive?

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Syrian detainee No. 72’s tales of torture

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Idlib’s Impending Tragedy

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Germany’s Deportation Dilemma

Reconciling to Assad

Reconciling to Assad

Back home in Homs

For many Syrians displaced from Homs over six years of war, going home means facing a gap in public services, the absence of social and economic support systems and security risks. Many who have returned have found debris where their houses once stood.

Back home in Homs

Shia forces prepare for Kirkuk

The Iranian-backed forces that took control of Kirkuk from the Kurds are setting their sights on Baghdad.

Hauntings in Mosul: The dead and the missing in the ruins of this historical city merge into the larger narrative of the future of the Islamic State

‘FUCK ISIS’. It must have taken considerable anger to scribble these words on the dome of the Al Nuri Mosque, from where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced his caliphate in 2014

Turkey: Erdogan – The Half President for Open Magazine

President Erdoğan may act like a sultan but is only half a president. The fears and anxieties of post-referendum Turkey.

Syrians in Lebanon: ‘They treat us like we are dirty’ for Deutsche Welle

Lebanon is home to some 1.5 million Syrian refugees, who get blamed for dragging the economy down. Though false, the slurs effectively make them the target of xenophobic attacks.

EXCLUSIVE: 39 Indians abducted by ISIS in 2014 not in ‘Badush’ prison as GoI claimed – for Hindustan Times

Syrian opposition: A Divided front for Caravan magazine

The fragmenting coalition of the Free Syrian Army

Syrian opposition

Tripoli butcher readies for Syrian war coming to Lebanon – for Deutsche Welle

Sunni fighters have been preparing to defend Lebanon against Syria’s Alawites. They fear the war across the border will spill over – again. Anchal Vohra reports from Tripoli, Lebanon.

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Interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Interviewing Afghanistan's President Ashraf Ghani

Interview with Walid Mohi Edine Al Muallem

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